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Various - (2013) (VA) Atrax Morgue: Tribute

It is a compilation released today with much honor to a man named Marco Corbelli's Atrax Morgue which unfortunately is no longer with us doing our ears apitarem with his ''music''. I then decided to do something dedicated to this man in order to call friends and projects to honor this guy, and it was done! Here are the two cds tribute to Atrax Morgue! Enjoy it!
Anyone can buy or make your copies at your residence.
Released by: Hari P. Maia (Brazil RIo de Janeiro/RJ)

Price: R$5,00 more postage

Cd 01: https://archive.org/details/Various-2013CD01AtraxMorgue_Tribute

Cd 02: https://archive.org/details/Various-2013CD02AtraxMorgue_Tribute

Genre: Noise, Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Industrial

                                                                              CD: 1

                                                                            CD: 2

                                                                      HARI P. MAIA

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